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What makes us worthy..

Our wines are apart of the 1%. Our Silverback wines are cellar-worthy that lay down well for 10-20+ years.. You are able to enjoy our wines now, but taste the experience of investing in age-worthy wines. How rewarding would it be to build a private collection of your favorite wines? The worst case scenario is that you amass a collection …


A Happy Taster

A happy, experienced taster writes to us today, “We had some beautiful roast beef last night, and Silverback Référence . I took a sip as usual, began to say something, & stopped mid-word. WOW, it was beautiful ! Fruit and depth. Not too tannic, what balance ! Flavors all woven together, with just the right amount of brightness, & round …


Our Syrah grapes

Our Syrah grapes ripen well in eastern Washington’s long, hot growing season, and the vines thrive in its gravelly soils, which are reminiscent of the rock-strewn vineyards of the Rhône. Are you cellaring our Syrah 2010 and 2011 Reserve? As the wine ages, the fruit flavors and tannin will round down a bit and the wine will exhibit subtle tobacco …